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February 16th, 2009

I LOVE FOOD and FOOD LOVES ME. Thus, I will dedicate this entire entry to food in College Station.

One of my favorite places is La Bodega by North Gate. I take all my friends from out of town there for brunch. They have awesome and abnormally big breakfast tacos and beignets. And for those who don’t know what beignets are … they originated from New Orleans. They have the wonderful pastrey-ness of a donut, but in a rectangular shape. On top, powdered sugar gets layered on by the inches. Deliciouso.

Another favorite here is Rosie’s, not to be confused with Rosa’s the fast food Mexican restaurant. It has amazing variety of Asian food. In addition, the portions are huge. Whenever I go there with my friends, we will order one less dish than the amount of people there and share. We ALWAYS get an order of Chicken Pad Thai and the rest is a free for all. Also, if you are looking for bubble tea. Rosie’s might be the only place in College Station for this. Basically, you can’t get much better than fortune cookies, unlimited Asian food and bubble tea. I think 85% of my income goes directly to Rosie’s. I should be concerned …

Maddens is a restaurant in the downtown Bryan area. My older brother took my friends and I there whenever he came down to visit. The prices are a bit steep, but so worth it because they serve things that can’t be found in other restaurants. For example, my brother had chocolate rubbed steak and I had artichoke stuffed crab cakes. For desert they have these amazing chocolate balls rolled in chocolate powder. Overload of chocolate equals I love it.

I’m currently exploring a new Korean take-out restaurant with my friend Kelly. We have tried everything on their menu … granted they only have a menu of 4 items … Also, I think Doc Greens closed down!! What am I going to do without salads and paninis? I hope this gets resolved soon.

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