Advisory Council

The CIBS Advisory Council was created in 1990 as the successor to the CIBS Board of Advisors, which had been created in 1986. The Council has external TAMU members, including local, state and national business executives, community college administrators and public sector officials and other professionals. The membership brings a considerable measure of diversity that is integral to help CIBS carry out a wide variety of CIBER activities.

The full Council meets annually at Texas A&M University to plan, evaluate and advise on CIBER activities. The wide span of experience that the Council membership includes provides a valuable source of counsel to the Center in planning and organizing its activities. Numerous council members are also financial donors to CIBS, donating funds for study abroad scholarships and to support the Center’s operations. Members serve as visiting classroom lecturers, and use their contacts in the business world and government to bring distinguished speakers to campus.

External Members

Ms. Tracy Anderson ’92
Anderson LLC
Austin, TX
 Dr. William H. Mobley
Professor of Management

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
Mr. Bert D. Baker
Executive Vice President
Metro Bank N.A.
Dr. Munir Quddus
Associate Provost, Dean, College of Business
Texas A&M University- Prairie View
Mr. Mark Camp
Executive Director & Leader
Southwest Sub-Area Economics & Transfer Pricing
Ernst & Young LLP
Mr. Henry E. Sauviqnet
Vice President, International and Public Affairs
International Bank of Commerce
Mr. Cyrill Eltschinger
Strategic Advisor
Beijing, China
Mr. Doug C. Smith
Director of Marketing
Microsoft Mobile Communications
Microsoft Corporation
Dr. John Gamble
Dean, College of Business
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Mr. Trey Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Wildcat Fuels, Ltd.
Ms. Kathleen Gibson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Southwestern Medical Foundation
Dr. Roberto Solano-Mendez
Escuela de Negocios Universidad de Las Americas
Mr. Ray Hannigan
Retired Chief Executive Officer
Kinetic Concepts
Mr. Michael Treyger
Manager, Department of Business Assistance
Office of the Governor, State of Texas
Mr. John L. Kauth, III
Chief Executive Officer
Intercontinental Wealth Advisors, LLC
 Mr. Brian L. Weiner
Chief Executive Officer
Periodicals Management Group, Int’l
 Mr. John Kerner
Regional Vice President, South Central
Expeditors International of Washington, Inc.