Certificate in Not-for-Profit Business

The Certificate in Not-for-Profit Business offers Mays students the ability to tailor their education towards a career of service. The certificate includes 13 hours of coursework and a required internship with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Not-for-profit organizations make up one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the country and are actively looking for graduates who can use their skills to immediately make an impact.


Required Coursework:

BUSN 205  Integrated Worklife Competencies (Spring only)
BUSN 302  The Nonprofit Sector
MKTG 440 Services Marketing
MGMT 432 Managing Nonprofit Organization

Prescribed Elective:

BUSN 289/489 Strategic Philanthropy (application only)
MGMT 460 Managing Projects
MKTG 432  Corporate Social Responsibility
RPTS 308 Foundation of Comm. And Community Change
EHRD 479  Grants and Contracts

Required Forms (Please return completed forms to the Undergraduate Program Office):

1. Declaration of Intent

2. Internship Confirmation

3. Graduation Confirmation

For more information email Kyle Gammenthaler kgammenthaler@mays.tamu.edu.