Business students helping business students become increasingly effective communicators.

Whether you are a Business major, minor, or University Studies-Business student, an appointment with one of our consultants will equip you to advance as a professional communicator in the classroom and in the workplace. Business communication consultants (BCCs) focus on developing quality writing and speaking, while portfolio consultants (PCs) focus on reflective and connected learning.

  • BCCs hold writing consultations to help clients strengthen class assignments and personal job application documents, including case analyses, memos and résumés. Services range from 15 minute quick question sessions to 45 minute final draft reviews.
  • BCCs also conduct speaking consultations to help clients prepare more confidently to deliver polished class presentations and interviews. Sessions can be booked for an entire team to practice and refine important presentations. Interview appointments allow a client to practice their skills in a mock interview setting or have directed discussions on effective interview strategies.
  • PCs provide portfolio consultations to help clients build an electronic portfolio to integrate their personal story with professional aspirations. On these websites, student clients articulate the strengths, values and life experiences that shape their career goals and determine their personal brand.

To request an in-class workshop, please Contact Us.