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Welcome to the Comm Lab, a resource for Mays Business School students to improve their academic and professional communication skills and strengthen their professional voices.


On this page you can find the answers to the following questions:
What happens at the Comm Lab?                        Is it cheating to get help before I turn something in?
How do I make an appointment?                         How are the consultants trained?
How do I find the Comm Lab?                             Can I get subject-specific tutoring at the Comm Lab?
Who can use Comm Lab services?                        How do I book the Presentation Studio?
Can I bring a team or group?                                Can the Comm Lab do a workshop in my class?
When is the Comm Lab closed?                              What kind of work can I bring to the Comm Lab?          
How do I cancel an appointment?                          What is the history of the Comm Lab?


What happens at the Comm Lab?

The Communication Lab serves Mays Business students and provides peer consultations for writing, speaking, portfolios, and reflection to strengthen students’ professional voices. Come visit us to learn to communicate more effectively in academic and professional contexts.

When you come to the Comm Lab, you work with a trained peer consultant who will facilitate a consultation on the product or topic you bring in.  Expect to come ready to think and to work– our consultants will give you valuable feedback and guidance for improvements, but they do not make changes for you.

See more about Appointment Expectations

Our consultants will work with you to clarify your thinking and refine your approach to any communication piece. When preparing for a new leadership position in a student organization, a prospective job opportunity, or a class writing or speaking assignment, students who visit with a consultant value the knowledgeable feedback.  When you leave, you should be able to apply the knowledge and skills you gained during your consultation later in your communication. Here at the Comm Lab, our goal is to strengthen your professional voice.

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In addition to providing one-on-one consultations to students, the Communication Lab offers in-class workshops upon faculty request, hosts independent seminars open to all business students, and facilitates the annual SUMMIT retreat to promote the role of reflection in personal and leadership development.


How do I make an appointment?

Use the button on our home page, or just click HERE.  You can make appointments online if you are 9 hours or more away from your appointment time, or you can also call us at 979-862-2983 to check on availability any time.

Another way to get a consultation is to come see us in 339 Wehner as a walk-in!  We take walk-ins when available, but even if we are booked up, please feel free to come in and speak to our staff to check for the next available spot!

See more about Walk-Ins [link]


How do I find the Comm Lab?

We are located in 339 Wehner on West Campus.  From the main lobby in Wehner, take the elevator to the third floor. Exit the elevator bearing left, then take an immediate right down the main hallway. We are the first door on the left. Come on in!


Who can use Comm Lab services?

The Communication Lab serves Mays Business School students only.  This includes:

  • BBA
  • PPA
  • University Studies-Business
  • BS AgBusiness
  • MS Accounting, Business, Finance, HR, MIS, Marketing
  • MBA
  • EMBA
  • PMBA
  • Master of Real Estate
  • Master of Agribusiness
  • Business Minors


Can I bring a team or group?

Yes! You may bring a team or group of Mays Business School students to work on a project, paper, presentation, or to simply work with a consultant to clarify your goals and vision for a particular project.  Only one student needs to book this appointment, but we require that at least half of the team members participate in the consultation.

See more about Appointment Expectations


What kind of work can I bring to the Comm Lab?

If it involves communication, you can bring it in!  If you are a Mays Business student, you can even bring in work from other classes, student organizations, or job applications. Here are some common thing we see:

  • Essays
  • Resumes
  • Memos
  • Reports
  • Business format emails
  • Executive summaries
  • Cover Letters
  • Application materials
  • Online portfolios
  • Personal brand
  • Strengths assessments
  • LinkedIn content
  • Individual presentations
  • Team presentations
  • Reflection frameworks
  • Core competencies
  • Behavioral interviews
  • Case interviews
  • Recurring writing skills development
  • Recurring speaking skills development

See more about appointment types under our “SERVICES” tab.


How do I cancel an appointment?

  • If you have more than 9 hours til your appointment, please click the “Manage My Appointment” link in your confirmation email to cancel or reschedule your appointment online.
  • If you have less than 9 hours til your appointment, please call the Comm Lab at 979-862-2983.
  • Running late but on your way?  Please call the Comm Lab at 979-862-2983 to let us know.
  • Questions?  Email Comm Lab staff at commlab@mays.tamu.edu

See more about our No-Show and Late Cancellation Policy


Can I get subject-specific tutoring at the Comm Lab?

No.  The Communication Lab does not offer subject-specific tutoring.  Comm Lab consultants focus on the communication elements of the work that is brought in.  Even though all the consultants are business students, consultants do not overstate their expertise in subject-matter areas, and will refer the client back to professors and TAs when necessary.  Clients are expected to take responsibility for understanding the subject material and recognize that Comm Lab consultants are not course tutors.

See more about Appointment Expectations


How do I book the Presentation Studio?

The Presentation Studio is an extension of Comm Lab space in Wehner 339.  It is flexible space with tables and seating for up to 25 people and includes a large screen connected to a computer for presentations.  Mays faculty, staff and student organizations can request to book the Presentation Studio by emailing our staff at commlab@mays.tamu.edu.


When is the Comm Lab closed?

You can find our regular business hours on our home page. The Comm Lab follows the Texas A&M University Academic Calendar for most of the year. We are open for normal capacity on days when class is in session in the fall and spring.

We have adjusted hours during holidays and summer sessions.  Adjusted hours will be posted outside our office and will be reflected in our online appointment availability. We are open for regular business hours during the summer, but do not have student employees available for consultations.  If you are in need of a summer consultation from a full-time staff member, please email commlab@mays.tamu.edu or drop by during business hours.


How are the consultants trained?

All of our consultants are Mays Business School students who are selected through an intensive application process and complete an intensive training process to build a collaborative work environment and polish individual skills.  The Communication Lab trains our consultants in accordance with the International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC), part of the College of Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), an internationally recognized organization which certifies tutor training programs in post-secondary educational institutions.

Our consultants are passionately committed to learning and service, which makes this peer coaching student job the perfect professional development opportunity. As they deepen their knowledge throughout their tenure, consultants apply critical thinking frameworks and active listening skills to their daily interactions with peer clients.  Applications to become a Comm Lab consultant open in the spring.


Is it cheating to get help at the Comm Lab before I turn something in?

NO.  The Comm Lab follows the Aggie Code of Honor and respects author ownership.  Consultants do not fix things for you. They work with you to facilitate your thinking and help you develop your own communication skills.


Can the Comm Lab do a workshop in my class?

In your aquatic science class? No.  But the Comm Lab does regularly come do workshops for Mays Business School classes, especially writing-intensive courses, based on the needs of students and faculty.  Find out more about our different kinds of workshops HERE.


What department does the Comm Lab belong to?

The Comm Lab is part of Business Undergraduate Special Programs (BUSP), which is a collection of independent, co-curricular initiatives that aim to enrich the student experience at Mays Business School such as Business Honors, FBI, and Fellows. BUSP is part of Mays Business School, a highly ranked college at Texas A&M University, where there are multiple levels of administration whose standards must be satisfied.


What is the history of the Comm Lab?

The Communication Lab began in 2008, funded with seed money from Ernst & Young, the Mays Business School Center for Executive Development and the Mays Business School Full-Time MBA Program. Initially connected to a single undergraduate business course, the Communication Lab was restructured in 2011 and now provides resources for all Mays Business School students.