Competence builds confidence. 

Use these tools to practice your skills and identify new opportunities for growth.

Online Writing Lab at Purdue: A comprehensive English language teaching library, these short articles simplify critical writing concepts and offer useful examples with practice exercises. Offering materials for everything from commas and sentence structure to planning techniques and revision strategies, the OWL at Purdue also includes quick reference sets for the major citation styles, so take a look for your next research paper using MLA, APA or Chicago.

Portfolio Sample: Created using Wix, this website explains the portfolio development process and points to several examples of current student and alumni portfolios. This portfolio-of-the-portfolio walks through each element of a web portfolio that is eligible for the Medal of Excellence, and Mays Business School students share their perspective on how this process and final web product add value to their collegiate experience and professional development.

Self-Assessment for English grammar, usage and mechanics: This online assessment tool will give you the chance to quickly see where you struggle and excel in the technical aspect of English language usage. You will have the option to review your results with a consultant; if you do not choose this option, the assessment results will be completely anonymous.

Check back regularly, as we update this page with valuable resources for writing, speaking and portfolio development.