Yixing Chen

Ph.D. Student


Yixing Chen is a fourth year Ph.D. student in Business Administration (Marketing) and teaches Marketing Analytics in the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. Yixing holds an MBA from University of New Mexico and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Yixing is co-advised by Hari Sridhar and Vikas Mittal. His research examines the role of evidence-based marketing interventions in improving societal outcomes. From a strategic perspective, his research quantifies the impact of interventions in heretofore neglected domains such as educational attainment, oncology care, safety, and technology adoption in sectors such as energy, K-12 education, and healthcare. His second line of work quantifies the economic return of digital content strategy (e.g., social media content scheduling). To answer these questions, Yixing employs methods rooted in applied econometrics such as quasi-experimental design.

Prior to joining the Mays PhD Program, Yixing worked as a graduate teaching and research assistant at the Anderson School of Management, University of New Mexico. While completing his undergraduate study, Yixing has been an instructor at New Oriental Education & Technology Group.



Kanuri, Vamsi K., Yixing Chen, and Shrihari Sridhar (2018), “Scheduling Content on Social Media: Theory, Evidence, and Application,” Journal of Marketing, 82(6), 89-108.

Chen, Yixing, Vikas Mittal, and Shrihari Sridhar (2019), “Internet Access Investment: A Double-Edged Sword for K-12 Education?” working paper.