Funding Priorities

Mays Business School has three funding priorities that are critical to the fulfillment of our mission: support for student scholarships and fellowships, support for faculty positions and research, and support for student learning opportunities that take place outside the classroom.

Student Support

Through endowed student scholarships and fellowships, our donors provide important financial support to our students. Scholarships and fellowships allow Mays to compete with other institutions in attracting top students. Gifts to support students can be based on financial need or academic achievement, and they can be designated to consider specific programs or other student characteristics (as permissible by law).

Following are endowment levels for student support. Gift pledges can be paid over five years.

  • Undergraduate Scholarships: $25,000 and above
  • Undergraduate Business Honors Scholarships: $125,000
  • Graduate Student Fellowships: $300,000

Faculty Support

The market for top business school faculty is highly competitive. Endowed gifts to establish Eminent Scholar Chairs, Chairs, Professorships and Fellowships enable Mays to attract and retain the very best scholars and teachers. The stipends from these endowments are used to support the teaching and research activities of our faculty. Appointment to an endowed position is considered one of the major milestones in a faculty member’s career.

Following are the endowment levels for faculty support. Gift pledges can be paid over five years.

  • Fellowships: $300,000
  • Professorships: $500,000
  • Chairs: $1 million
  • Eminent Scholar Chairs: $2 million and above

Support for Student Learning Opportunities

Mays Business School distinguishes itself from other business schools through the high-impact learning opportunities we provide to our students outside of the classroom. Study abroad programs, domestic travel experiences and participation in competitions and conferences are just some of the opportunities supported by our donors. These unique learning opportunities enrich our students’ overall educational experience and enhance their success following graduation.