Administrative Information

Laserfiche is an electronic document management system that converts paper documents into electronic images. It is intended as a virtual filing cabinet intended for completed documents, not working documents.

Questions and assistance regarded Laserfiche are requested through the Mays trouble ticket system. Select Laserfiche from the “Category” pull-down menu.

Ask your unit business administrator if you should have access to this system.

Mays Business Cards/Stationery

Mays now uses the standard Texas A&M University stationary.

Your unit’s support staff will help you with ordering  business cards and stationery. These products are ordered by accessing A&M print acquisition site and requires an A&M stores login.

Formats cannot be changed, altered, or re-positioned.

Name Tags and Door Inserts

Each employee will be given one Mays name tag and a door plate for their office/desk. Those with office doors also are provided with a door insert that goes in the sign outside the door.

Your unit support staff handles the ordering of these items.

If you are the one doing the ordering, those forms are found here.

Mays Shirts

All Mays employees are given a Mays polo shirt, compliments of the dean’s office. Contact your unit support staff if you haven’t received yours yet. Shirts are issued through the Mays communications office.