Parking and Transportation

Visit for the most current information regarding parking rules and regulations.

The main Wehner employee parking lot is Lot 98, which is gated.  Employee parking is from 6 a.m. -5 p.m. (gates are down) and open for certain other campus parking  permits after hours (gates are up).

You can enter the parking lot from Horticulture Rd. off Discovery Dr. in the A&M Research Park or off Adriance Rd., off Raymond Stotzer Pkwy.

When using the swipe card access you may enter either gated entrance.

Use either gate when exiting the parking area. The gate will automatically rise as you near it.

Your hang tag is only good for the lot to which you are assigned. For parking in other lots for temporary business purposes, there are other types of A&M parking passes which must be used in addition to your personal parking pass. When using other A&M parking passes, such as the business parking permit, you must also display your A&M parking permit, meaning your personal hangtag and the other parking pass must be displayed together. Contact your unit’s support staff for more information.

Visitors/public parking: Wehner parking Lot 72
(commonly known as the visitors lot)

Paid public parking, with its entrance off Olsen Dr., offers 363 parking spaces. Guests and visitors to Mays use this  lot.

The lot is monitored by A&M’s transportation ticketing agents.

There is free access for dropping off passengers.

The handicap parking spaces are located along the curb next to Wehner.

A&M retirees with retirement permits may park free in this lot.

Expecting a guest you want to provide parking for?

Scratch-off parking permits are available for guest use. There is a limited supply of scratch-off permits. You are encouraged to make advance arrangements when expecting guests to assure availability. Check with your unit’s support staff for details.

The Office of the Dean maintains three reserved parking spaces in lot 72.  Contact the dean’s office at 5-4711 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for availability and reservations.

These three spaces are located in the visitors lot along the curb next to Wehner in the same row as the handicapped spaces, the spaces are intended for guests—donors, recruiters, guest speakers and other important visitors. Transportation Services will not ticket cars in these spaces or require a placard to be displayed.

You’ll need to provide the name of the guest and the date and length of his visit. Before the visitor can make use of a spot, you must have a specific space number from the dean’s office.

The dean has priority over these reserved spaces, so please limit your use of the reserved spaces to more important occasions and special guests.

Mays Parking Policy

A&M parking permits are purchased for lot 98 annually (renewed prior to July 15).  Notification is sent via email from Transportation Services when it is time for renewal.

Employees sign up for parking through There are two options for payment. You may choose a one-time payment with a credit card, personal check, money order, or cash, paid directly to Transportation Services or enroll in automatic payroll deduction (APD) for a monthly pre-tax deduction.

Permits are delivered to either the customer’s unit address or residential address via US Postal System.

Employees are responsible for their own parking arrangements. Those who have an outstanding balance with Transportation Services at the end of the parking year will not receive a permit until their account is current.

If an employee leaves a department or separates from the university and there is time remaining on the permit, refunds are prorated weekly.  Return your permit to Transportation Services as soon as possible.

Mays has a policy to help alleviate costs for staff at certain pay scales. Contact your unit’s business administrator for details.

Lost /stolen permits must be reported to your unit immediately in order to void the permit. Anyone using a lost/stolen permit will receive substantial fines and their vehicle will be towed.


Access card – A credit card sized, plastic device issued to authorized A&M affiliated personnel, used to gain access to controlled parking areas. Also known as a swipe card.

Congress ticket – An access ticket which provides exit and entry for a specified number of times or time period into the pay lots (Also known as the “come and go” ticket)

Paratransit service – Paratransit is a shared ride bus service provided to any A&M student or employee with disabilities (temporary or long-term) that does not have the functional capability to use the regular A&M bus services. Appointments for this service must be made at least seven days in advance. As it is a curb-to-curb service, no assistance is provided to the individual between the door of their starting point or destination to the vehicle. These vehicles may go into driveways or parking lots if such action can be executed safely. Services are available to qualified persons who live within three-quarters (3/4) of a mile of a bus stop located on one of the fixed-routes. The goal of A&M’s Paratransit Services is to closely mirror hours of operation and routes held by the regular bus service. Call 7-7433 for assistance or visit

Scratch-off permit – One-time use parking permit used for parking on campus.

Transponder – The black device that is read electronically to open a gated lot, so that you don’t have to open your car window to open the gate. These are attached to the inside front windshield.

University business parking space – Parking spaces around campus reserved for those who have a valid business permit displayed in conjunction with a regular A&M permit. The permits that allows parking in those spaces is called a “B” permit or a “UB” permit. This is one of those permits you would still need your personal hangtag to use.