Aggie 100

The Aggie 100 identifies, recognizes and celebrates the success of Aggie entrepreneurs from around the world. The Aggie 100 not only celebrates their success, it also provides a forum to pass lessons to the next generation of Aggie entrepreneurs. The McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship has bestowed this honor on fast growing Aggie-owned or Aggie-led businesses since 2005. The Center solicits nominations from around the world through the Aggie Network. The 100 fastest growing organizations will be named to the Aggie 100 each year.

Program Highlights

Criteria: Companies that apply are ranked by compound annual percentage growth in revenues over a three-year period as well as operate in a manner consistent with the Aggie Honor Code. View additional criteria here.

Nominations are closed for 2017.

Applications are closed for 2017.

Recognition ceremony: The fastest growing companies are named to the Aggie 100 and invited to recognition ceremonies. The Ceremonies are held each fall by invitation only.

2017 Aggie 100

2017 marked the 13th Anniversary of our annual Aggie 100 event, and to celebrate the achievements of the Aggie 100 Class of 2017, the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship hosted an awards dinner and closed the evening with a celebratory reception sponsored by Higginbotham at The Stella Hotel.

2017 Honoree Listing

2017 Summit Award

For more information about Aggie 100, visit the Aggie 100 website.