Entrepreneur Resource Center

The McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship offers links to various resources for entrepreneurs and students of entrepreneurship.

There is no better time to launch a new venture or learn the ropes than while in school. What follows is a list of resources and activities targeted at students or interested entrepreneurs actively exploring the discipline of entrepreneurship.


With a vast amount of resources, many entrepreneurs don’t know where to begin. These links define entrepreneurship, the principles of entrepreneurship, and start-up ideas.

Business plan and resources

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs did not graduate with business degrees. These resources will help any person create a business plan for their new ventures.


There are hundreds of obstacles that new businesses face in the early stages of life. Find out how to avoid some of the most common legal mistakes entrepreneurs make.


One of the biggest obstacles new entrepreneurs face is finding the appropriate funding to meet their needs. These resources outline steps to fundraising, how to pitch to venture capitalists, and critical factors needed to obtain proper funding.

Marketing and public relations

Whether it is social media, billboards, newspaper advertisements, or television commercials, media can make or break start-ups. Without the proper marketing and PR plans, it is impossible to be successful in the economic future.

Information for women entrepreneurs

More and more, women are rising in the ranks of corporate America. With this rise, women have turned to start-ups. Provided is a list of community and forums specifically for women entrepreneurs.

Information for young entrepreneurs

America’s youth are flooding the entrepreneurship ranks in today’s business world. Teens and 20-somethings are discovering that being your own boss is a nice idea. Beyond the basic business resources available to anyone, there’s specialized help aplenty catering specifically to youth interested in business ownership.

National and community support organizations

Starting your own business is never easy. Provided are links to various support organizations for the thousands of entrepreneurs trying to find success.

Government resources

Essential to any entrepreneur, these links provide information on obtaining a patent/trademark, taxes, and the small business community.