Student Testimonials

Hear what MSF students have to say about the Program:


“The MSF program has opened my eyes to the career opportunities within finance and has given me the tools to secure employment during my first semester.”
Lauren Bender, Math ’16, MS Finance ’17










“The MSF program perfectly equipped me for the finesse and polish needed to navigate the finance recruiting process and job hunt. My engineering degree taught me how to work hard but the MSF program taught me how to allocate that hard work to its most efficient use.”
Heath Bromley, Mechanical Engineering ’16, MS Finance ’17










“The MSF Program gave me the opportunity to combine the theoretical side of economics with the technical, more practical aspects of finance.”
Mario Duron-Carielo, Economics ’16, MS Finance ’17










“The MSF degree enabled me to secure a Management Consulting role with PwC where I will use my ISEN quantitative background and my finance/business. The MSF program diversified my skillset and started my career in financial consulting.”
Daniel Martin, Industrial Engineering ’16, MS Finance ’17










“The MSF program has provided me opportunities I never would have had coming out of undergrad. Employers were intrigued by and valued my biomedical sciences background, and the MSF provided me with all the finance knowledge I needed to be successful.”
Michael Miner, Biomedical Science ’16, MS Finance ’17










“When employers see that mix of a STEM background and now the Master in Finance…it’s an absolute homerun.”
Nathan Parish, Electrical Engineering ’15, MS Electrical Engineering ’16, MS Finance ’17












“The MSF has allowed me to take my undergraduate degree to the next level and will allow me to excel even further in my future career path. This program does a great job of preparing STEM majors for careers in Finance.”
Zachary Seldenrust, Industrial Distribution ’16, MS Finance ’17












The MS Finance program has opened many alternative paths into the oil and gas industry…”
Jake Smith, Petroleum Engineering ’16, MSF ’17










“The MSF program has enabled me to combine my background in chemistry with an understanding of finance, opening career opportunities I otherwise would not have been able to pursue…The combination of a background in chemistry coupled with a degree in finance is something that many employers found valuable.”
Matt Stouder, Chemistry ’16, MS Finance ’17