“Salespeople hired from universities with a formal sales program outperform their non-sales program counterparts after the first year of employment.”
(Journal of Marketing Education, 2014)


After carefully examining sales initiatives at other universities across the nation and talking to a number of our current recruiters, the Department of Marketing has launched a multi-year effort to establish the Professional Selling Initiative (PSI). The PSI will provide enhanced educational offerings for students, increased research opportunities for faculty and greater access to our top sales students for our corporate partners.

Texas A&M Recognized for “Top University Sales Program”

The Mays Business School Professional Selling Initiative was named one of the 2017 top professional sales programs by the Sales Education Foundation. The list of Top Universities for Professional Sales Education recognizes programs that develop future sales professionals and advance the sales profession.

Top Sales



While the long-term plan for PSI is to create a self-sustaining institute that is recognized nationally for producing top sales candidates and outstanding research, the Department of Marketing has set several near-term goals:

  1. Elevate students’ awareness of the sales career path and its job/salary growth potential
  2. Improve student job placement in sales positions through enhanced sales training, including expanded course offerings and high-impact learning experiences outside the classroom
  3. Meet employers’ growing demand for top sales talent by increasing the number of students who complete our Professional Selling and Sales Management career track
  4. Enhance PSI facilities with more role-play rooms supported by state-of-the-art technology
  5. Lay the foundation for a self-sustaining funding model in which corporate partners help support a long-term PSI facility, faculty and programming costs