Undergraduate Enrollment Plan 2016-2019

1. Incoming Freshmen – 1,000 admitted

Mays does not directly select new freshmen. All students must apply through the university’s Office of Admissions process. Select business (BUAD) as your first-choice major. Once you have been admitted to the university, you will be considered by University Admissions for entry into Mays on a first-come, first-served basis. The demand for Mays is much greater than the number actually admitted, so it is important to complete the application process early. If there is no space available in Mays when you are admitted to the university, you will be placed in your second-choice major. Please direct all inquiries to the Office of Admissions, not Mays.

2. Transfer Students from Other Universities and Colleges – 100 admitted

A limited number of transfers from other universities are admitted to Mays through the university’s Office of Admissions process.

  • Transfer applicants will be admitted on a competitive basis through a comprehensive application review process for summer or fall admission only.
  • Students are encouraged to plan early and consult with an admissions counselor. This admission process requires strict and comprehensive adherence by the applicant to Mays Business School’s Required Coursework. Students need to have credit for both required math courses before submitting an application.
  • Successful applicants must have completed required coursework at the time of application and have consistently excellent grades. Spring grades are not considered for summer or fall transfer admission decisions. Second-choice majors are not accepted.
  • Transfer applicants who accept transfer admission to a non-business major at Texas A&M will not be eligible to later apply for on-campus change-of-major to Mays.

3. On-Campus Change of Major (also called Change of Curriculum) – 100 admitted

Currently enrolled students at Texas A&M may change their major to Mays on a limited basis. The requirements are very specific and the number admitted is small.

Minimum Requirements:

Students who enrolled at Texas A&M through the Freshman admission process may apply for change of major to Mays Business School once all of the following minimum requirements are met.

  • cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater in a minimum of 30 graded hours at Texas A&M, and
  • total college credit hours do not exceed 60 (including transfer credit), and
  • completion of qualifying course requirements (shown below).

All academic information included on the application must appear in the student’s official record at Texas A&M. Occasionally students who do not meet minimum requirements may be granted an exception. The information to file an appeal for exception to the minimum requirements is noted at the end of this document.

Transfer applicants who accepted admission to a non-business major at Texas A&M will be considered for on-campus change-of-major to Mays by appeal only. (Note that prospective transfer applicants were instructed not to accept admission to a non-business major with the expectation of later applying for change of major to Mays.)

Qualifying course requirements:

A minimum of four of the following courses completed with a GPA of 3.5 or greater, and

Two of the four courses must be MATH 140 and MATH 142, or their equivalents.

If more than the four minimum courses are complete, grades in all courses will be included in the GPA calculation. When courses have been attempted more than once, the higher grade(s) will be used to calculate this GPA.

MATH 140* Business Mathematics I (or MATH 141, 148#, 152* #, 166 or 172#)
MATH 142* Business Mathematics II – Calculus (or MATH 131, 147#, 151* # or 171#)
ENGL 104* Composition and Rhetoric
COMM 203 Public Speaking (or COMM 205 or 243)
ACCT 229 Introductory Accounting – Financial
ACCT 230 Introductory Accounting – Managerial
ECON 202* Principles of Economics – Microeconomics
ECON 203* Principles of Economics – Macroeconomics
ISTM 210 Fundamentals of Information Systems (formerly ISYS 210)
MGMT 211 Legal & Social Environment of Business

* Credit by exam accepted but no grade is awarded.
# Calculate specific course GPA using only 3 hours of any graded 4-hour course.

When to Apply

Once a student has met all of the minimum requirements listed above a change of curriculum application may be submitted according to the following schedule. Click here for the application.

  • Fall*: August 7 – November 28, 2018
  • Spring: January 2 – April 18, 2019
  • Summer: May 16 – August 5, 2019

*August 6 – 13, 2019, applications cannot be processed due to summer grade reporting. Mays Business School will continue accepting change of curriculum applications August 6 – 13, 2019 but will not process such applications until after grade processing is complete.

Decision Notification

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis during open application periods and, at a minimum, on a weekly basis. Applicants will receive a decision via TAMU Email. Decisions will not be given by telephone.

Appeal for Exception to the Minimum Requirements

Appeal requests are considered once per semester, on a scheduled date before each semester. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the Undergraduate Advising Office, 238 Wehner, or by fax to 979.862.3867

The opening dates and deadlines, by semester, to submit an appeal are:

  • Spring 2019: December 1, 2018 – January 3, 2019
  • Summer 2019: May 1 – 16, 2019

All appeals are due by noon on the deadline date listed above. Appeals must be submitted in writing (typewritten), and include the following information.

    • Name, UIN, TAMU Email address, Local address, Phone number, cumulative A&M GPA, A&M hours, Total hours (including transfer credit), Current major, and Desired major.
    • Name(s) of other institution(s) attended. If concurrently enrolled in another institution, other than Texas A&M, provide the name of institution and the courses enrolled (in progress).
    • Basis for exception (e.g. lack of cumulative A&M GPA, or lack of number of graded A&M hours, etc.).
    • Carefully typewritten appeal. Include reason(s) believed Mays Business School should grant an exception, past accomplishments, and how the desired business major will help meet post-graduation goals. Documentation required for special circumstances believed should be considered.

Appeal decisions are sent to student via TAMU Email. Decisions will not be given by telephone.

4. Readmission

Strict policies govern readmission of former Texas A&M students to this degree program.

  • A former Texas A&M University undergraduate who is no longer enrolled at Texas A&M University and whose last major at Texas A&M was not business will qualify for readmission only by meeting the minimum requirements for on-campus change-of-major (see above).
  • A former Texas A&M University undergraduate who left Texas A&M University in good standing for one or more long semester and whose last major at Texas A&M was business may apply for readmission to that same business major. The student must meet all Office of Admissions readmission requirements, including application deadlines and fee payment. If the applicant attempted any college-level coursework while away from Texas A&M University, transfer transcripts must be posted to the readmission applicant’s official Texas A&M University transcript and must reflect a minimum transfer GPA of 2.00.