10 Reasons Why You Should STEP UP to a Mays BBA

1. Culture

It is part of our mission to be a vibrant learning organization that is a “culture of caring, collaboration, excellence and innovation.” Our goal is to offer a small-school feel with all the resources of a large university. Mays students are hard-working and competitive, but they collaborate with each other and mentor those coming after them. As recognized by the national media, our faculty and staff believe in our students and will help them succeed from the first day they step on the campus. 

2. Core Values

Mays students are committed to Texas A&M’s core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service. These values serve as a platform from which students can launch into their careers and continually return to these basics that help them succeed not only professionally but also personally.

3. Core Competencies

Mays curriculum and programs offer you more than just business competencies or skills in a specific area of study, such as critical thinking, ethics, innovation, leadership, management of people and projects, and teamwork. Mays also develops a social impact mindset to help our students advance the world’s prosperity with the insight, knowledge, and skills to tackle complex societal challenges. By learning social responsibility and sustainability, graduates are well-prepared to make effective business decisions with the long-term perspective in mind.

4. Leadership Development

Mays Business School develops Mays Transformational Leaders, who are leaders with the mindsets, competencies, and business acumen to courageously challenge the status quo, foster development of self and others, and inspire and influence others. Texas A&M offers more than one thousand student organizations, so whether a student chooses to join a business or interdisciplinary student organization, there are many opportunities to develop as a leader. Students are encouraged to apply their core competencies in peer settings, providing experiences that will prove invaluable during the internship and full-time recruitment processes.

5. High Impact Learning

Mays is committed to high-impact learning experiences which give students the chance to actively apply their knowledge in a variety of real-world contexts. Opportunities exist for all majors.

6. Global Opportunities

Mays students are presented many opportunities to see the world through exchange programs, field trips, volunteer opportunities, and internships abroad. More than 25 percent of Mays students participate in a study-abroad program. Scholarships and financial aid are available.

7. Reputation

We are among the best business schools in the nation in all the rankings.

8. Value for Your Investment

The total cost of your degree at Mays is one of the lowest of all the top-ranked business schools in the nation. When you combine that with high starting salaries and job placement rates, you get a high Return on Investment!

9. Career Services

Our Career Services at both TAMU and Mays are second to none. Our career counselors work with juniors and seniors looking for internships and permanent positions, and one of them specializes in working with freshmen and sophomores to begin polishing their professional image through workshops and networking events. We also have the largest student-run career fair in the world.

10. Network

Our Aggie Network is famous nation-wide, and our Mays close-knit community of former students is connected to the global network of Aggies who are willing to help open doors for you.