What We Look For

Selection for Business Honors is highly competitive. We seek students whose academic excellence is matched by strong character, leadership skills, and teamwork.

Academic measures are used only as a threshold for review. No combination of test scores, grades, and/or class rank guarantees acceptance into the program. Co-curricular involvement and achievement is heavily weighted in the application review process (campus and community involvement, leadership, personal circumstances, etc.). Students are selected for their perceived potential to succeed both in and out of the classroom at Texas A&M based on their proven success in the high school setting.

Application Pools @ a Glance

Year Applications
Class Size Average
Class Rank
2018 1,190 81 1472 Top 5.0 %
2019 1,093 83 1479 Top 4.0 %
2020 1,363 71 1487 Top 4.0 %
2021 1,461 100 n/a* Top 3.9 %
2022 1,466 84 n/a* Top 3.2 %

*Due to the impact of COVID-19, Texas A&M has become test optional for admission to the university. Students who are interested in being considered for Business Honors are encouraged to submit an SAT/ACT score, but it is not required.