Students seeking a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance have numerous opportunities to expand their knowledge through high-impact learning opportunities, application courses, certification programs and study abroad programs. These options include:

Finance High Impact Learning Opportunities
The annual Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education (GAME) Conference in New York City provides an in-depth, three-day experience for an international group of students and faculty. Participants interact with industry leaders and learn best practices in investment management.

Application Courses
The Department of Finance offers three application courses to students enrolled in this degree program:

  • Maroon Fund: This program involves an angel fund that is primarily operated by select finance students with at least two semesters of remaining coursework. Students learn about investor relations, deal research and technology/intellectual property. This experience gives students first-hand exposure to angel investing and venture capital.
  • The Tanner Fund: Students who are selected for the Tanner Fund manage direct investments for this real-money, 100-percent equity portfolio. Students who participate in the Tanner Fund program also earn course credit.
  • Titans of Investing: This exclusive program, which is offered to select high-performing and high-potential students, provides a broad perspective on financial markets and global developments by focusing on the long-term context and current market conditions.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs
Students who major in finance can choose to participate in three certification programs that include:

  • Aggies on Wall Street-Investment Banking Program: This highly-competitive program prepares students to succeed in investment banking. Students attend a colloquium during the first semester where they interact with and are taught by practicing investment bankers and fund managers. Students also earn Bloomberg certification and hone their interviewing and resume writing skills. Participants also take part in the Aggies on Wall Street (AOWS) program, a two-week experience that includes visits to major Wall Street banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, stock exchanges and other financial institutions.
  • Commercial Banking Program (CBP): This flagship internship program equips students with skills in banking and finance skills that are needed for a successful banking career.
  • Trading, Risk & Investments Program (TRIP): This program prepares students to work in the areas of trading, investments and risk management through a combination of exceptional class instruction and hands-on internship-based experience.

Study Abroad
Students are encouraged to get international experience through study abroad programs. Several options are available, including:

  • Texas A&M Reciprocal Exchange Program (REEP): Students spend a semester or academic year abroad at a participating partner school. Academic coursework taken during this exchange program is equivalent to Texas A&M coursework and grades.
  • Independent study abroad programs: Students who participate in these programs, which are not affiliated with Texas A&M, can earn International or General Elective credits.