Former Student Profiles

Former students of our BBA program in Management Information Systems have embarked on careers in a wide array of IT roles in companies from various industries. To learn more, please click on the students’ names below.

Aaron Holle

Aaron Holle ’21

Logan Beltran

Logan Beltran ’21

Collin Margiotta

Collin Margiotta ’21

Steven Powell

Steven Powell ’20

Ethan Gleberman

Ethan Gleberman ’20

Gustavo Almanza

Gustavo Almanza ’19

Karly Waguespack

Karly Waguespack ’19

Jackie Mak

Jackie Mak ’18

Caitlin Beaudreau

Caitlin Beaudreau ’18

Jonathan Wiggins

Jonathan Wiggins ’17

James Powers

James Powers ’17

Isela Perez

Isela Perez ’17

Avery Mays

Avery  Mays ’16

Leslie (Smola) Smith

Leslie (Smola) Smith ’15

Haley Lemmons

Haley Lemmons ’15

Bewketu Ashenafi

Bewketu Ashenafi ’15

Alex Phillips

Alex Phillips ’14