Karly Waguespack ’19

Karly Waguespack

BBA in Management Information Systems

Texas A&M Provost IT Department
Project Management Intern
March 2018 – May 2019

Entry-Level Position:
General Motors; Georgetown, TX
Software Developer
June 2019 – Present

What extracurricular activities were you involved in at Texas A&M?

Youth Impact and Sigma Phi Lambda

Describe your experiences as an intern.  How did the MIS program prepare you for the position?

I had an internship with the Texas A&M Provost in which I worked on the Project Management Team. My responsibilities included working to create new documentation processes, running cross-functional meetings, acquiring approvals, communicating with administration, and creating project charters. The MIS program prepared me for this position by giving me a general understanding of each piece of an IT department from physical infrastructure to DBA roles. This helped me to communicate between each group and have an understanding of the extent of work each group would need to complete our projects.

What was your favorite MIS-related course at A&M?

I had two favorite MIS classes. One was ISTM 481 which was a seminar class. In one semester of this course we learned the software Tableau, which is a data analysis software, and it introduced me to the world of data analytics. I also loved ISTM 415, which is the capstone class in the major. I liked this class because it allowed me to use my minor of graphic design along with the coding I learned, and love to do, to create a full, primitive, working website. Completing that website was one of the highlights of my college career, because it stretched my coding abilities and pushed me to want to learn more and make a more sophisticated website.

What do you feel was the most beneficial course you took at A&M?

I think the capstone ISTM 415 course was the most beneficial course I took while at A&M because it gave me the confidence, while going out and searching for a job, to know that I have the skills and abilities to go into the job force and be successful.

What advice would you give to current MIS students at A&M?

Do not worry about not knowing what kind of career you could see yourself doing after college. Just be in a major that you truly enjoy. I didn’t have any idea of an actual job that would be applicable to what I enjoyed until my first semester of junior year.