Cara Fitzgerald ’16

BBA in Supply Chain Management

Amazon; San Antonio, TX and Los Angeles, CA
Operations Leadership Intern

Entry-Level Position:
Amazon; Coppell, TX
Operations Team Leader

What extracurricular activities were you involved in at Texas A&M? Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP); Spencer Leadership Conference; MSC Fish

Did you participate in an internship? I participated in two internships, both with Amazon.  My first internship was in San Antonio, TX, working in a traditional robotic fulfillment center.  I was over quality control throughout the facility and managed approximately 40 associates.  My day-to-day jobs included labor planning, calculating defects and how to mitigate them, and working on long-term efficiency projects.

My second internship was with Amazon Fresh in Los Angeles, CA where I was put into a managerial role and was able to have control of the whole outbound segment of the facility.  My main job was to ensure all orders were fulfilled by critical pull times each day, while keeping costs and labor at a minimum.

What was your favorite Supply Chain Management course at Texas A&M?  My favorite SCMT course was 340 with Dr. Pappu. This class challenged me every day, allowing me to learn a ton.  The class was very interactive and kept things interesting.  I learned to study and analyze cases and different problems and provide creative, conclusive solutions.  Excel, which I  found extremely useful in my job, was also incorporated into the class.

What do you feel was the most beneficial course you took?  The most beneficial course I took was SCMT 336 with Dr. Li. I learned so much about Excel that I could use directly in my job.  Having this knowledge set me apart from a lot of the other interns, and enabled me to teach some of the older employees new skills.  Additionally, Excel made my daily work tasks much easier and organized.

Any specific advice you would give to current Supply Chain Management students?  Create good relationships with your teachers. They are all very knowledgeable and are able to help you outside of class as well.  Speak up in interactive classes.  It really helps to prepare you to do this in your future job.  Network as much as you possibly can, especially with your classmates.