Former Student Profiles

Former students of our BBA program in Supply Chain Management have embarked on careers in a wide array of  roles in companies from various industries. To learn more, please click on the students’ names below.


William Mattinson ’19

Gabbi Orzabal ’19

Kelsey Kusman ’18

Kathryn Lum ’17

Marci Davis ’17

Kristin Cooper ’16

Corey Meador ’16

Casey Dunn ’16

Cara Fitzgerald ’16

Hannah Sommers ’16


Shaquile Gould ’15

Scott Sladecek ’15

Manu Sharma ’15

Jennie Wortman ’15

Fernando Lee ’15

David (D.J.) Cieply ’15

Queenie Li ’14

Kelly (Albright) Clayton ’14