Gabrielle Mowles ’20

Gabrielle Mowles

BBA in Supply Chain Management
May 2020

Alcon; Fort Worth, TX
Global Supply Chain Intern
April 2018 – August 2018

Texas Instruments; Dallas, TX
Business Planning Analyst
July 2020 – Present


What extracurricular activities were you involved in at Texas A&M? I was involved with FLEX, Fish Camp, Big Event, and Aggie Supply Chain Professionals (ASCP).

What was your favorite Supply Chain Management course at Texas A&M? My favorite course was SCMT 335 (Sourcing and Procurement) with Dr. Koufteros. That class covered many basics of Supply Chain, and I really enjoyed the case study with Lockheed Martin. I feel like that class prepared me well for interviews, and I will use the information I learned in my career.

What do you feel was the most beneficial course you took?  The most beneficial courses I took were MGMT 460 (Project Management) and SCMT 468 (ERP Systems). In Supply Chain, I know I will be working with many people on a variety of projects, and I know that project management will have prepared me for the future. In addition, I know I will also be using SAP, and the ERP class contained useful information to benefit me.

Describe your career and what led you to your entry-level position.  After researching different industries, I realized that I wanted to work in the technology industry. Technology is growing and evolving every day, and I want to be a part of that growth. I also wanted to be a part of a company that treats its employees like a family, and I feel like I have found that with Texas Instruments. They offer many opportunities to learn and rise within the company.

Describe your initial role within your company.  I will engage with TI’s global team, suppliers, factory management, and engineers to reduce costs and streamline processes. I will also be rotating through three 1-year diverse and challenging positions to provide exposure across TI’s supply chain, including rotations through procurement, logistics, and operations.

Any specific advice you would give to current Supply Chain Management students?  My biggest piece of advice would be to network as much as possible. Go to events such as the ASCP networking event and the business career fair.  The more you talk to people, the more comfortable you will be with yourself in interviews. If you are confident in yourself, employers will see that and differentiate you from others.