Jennie Wortman ‘15

Jennie Wortman
BBA in Supply Chain Management

PwC; Dallas, TX
Health Industries Advisory Intern
June 2014 – August 2014

PwC; Dallas, TX
Health Industries Advisory Associate
August 2015 – July 2017

PwC; Dallas, TX
Health Industries Advisory Senior Associate
July 2017 – July 2021

PwC; Dallas, TX
Health Industries Advisory Manager
July 2021 – Present



What extracurricular activities were you involved in at Texas A&M?  I was involved in the professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. In addition, I played the Clarinet for the Texas A&M Wind Symphony for 4 years.

Did you participate in an internship? I interned with PwC in the summer of 2014. My responsibilities as an intern with PwC included assisting my engagement team with client deliverables that related to procurement of services in the Healthcare Industry. The Supply Chain program at Texas A&M prepared me by giving me an understanding of how supply chain management affects businesses today, and how to prepare various client deliverables.

What was your favorite Supply Chain Management course at A&M? My favorite Supply Chain Management course at A&M was SCMT 340 with Dr. Pappu. I loved this class because I am very interested in transportation and logistics. I find the rules and regulations behind these activities to be very complex and interesting.

What do you feel was the most beneficial course you took?  I feel that the most beneficial course I took at A&M was SCMT 465 (Information Technology for Supply Chain Management) with Dr. Heim. Specifically relating to the consulting industry, this class helped me learn how to “think like a consultant,” and how to properly prepare client deliverables through written work and group presentations.

Describe your career and what led you to finding your first professional job.  My internship with PwC in Summer 2014 solidified my decision to enter the consulting industry after graduation.

Any specific advice you would give to current Supply Chain Management students?  Stay up to date with current Supply Chain Management real world events. These events could influence your decision about which area of these fields you might want to pursue. In addition, it’s extremely important to notice how Supply Chain Management is changing the ways businesses operate.