Kathryn Lum ’17

Kathryn Lum

BBA in Supply Chain Management

HEB; San Antonio, TX
Inventory Intern

HEB; San Antonio, TX
Associate Inventory Analyst
June 2017 – Present


What extracurricular activities were you involved in at Texas A&M?  Christian Business Leaders (officer); Aggie Supply Chain Professionals (officer)

Did you participate in an internship?  How did the Supply Chain Program prepare you for this position.  I held an internship for HEB where I worked for the Forecast and Replenishment department. During my internship, I researched and recommended a vendor compliance program. The Supply Chain program prepared me well for this internship by giving me exposure to a multitude of real life scenarios in case studies. These assignments prepared me to think thoroughly, strategically, and analytically about the situation at hand. Additionally, I was prepared to present my findings and recommendations to leaders within HEB by having had many presentation opportunities in the classroom.

What was your favorite Supply Chain Management course at Texas A&M.  My favorite Supply Chain Management course was SCMT 340 – Global Supply Chain Management. I enjoyed this course because it set the stage for my supply chain education. This course taught me how vast, integral, and complex all supply chain networks actually are. This information was solidified during completion of our class project. Tracking one item from its source to its final destination was a powerful depiction of the “real world’s” supply chain networks.

What do you feel was the most beneficial course you took?  The most beneficial course I took to prepare me for my future career was SCMT 361 – Operations Planning and Control. This course was most beneficial for me because I will be managing inventory for my future job. Also, reading The Goal has proven incredibly beneficial to my understanding of manufacturing scenarios. I have found myself referring back to that book more and more as my supply chain management experience has grown.

Describe your career and what led you to your current position.  I have always admired HEB for their corporate culture and philanthropic mindset towards the local community. My sophomore year, I heard a guest speaker from HEB in my MKTG 322 class, and was fascinated by their corporate culture. My junior year in SCMT 364 I heard from two operations and planning HEB employees and loved learning about the supply chain in the grocery industry. After these exposures to HEB, I decided to apply for their corporate summer internship program, and then was placed in the Forecast and Replenishment department. In March of my senior year, I was formally extended an offer from HEB and accepted a full time position as an Associate Inventory Analyst in the Forecast and Replenishment department. One of the most important things I learned from my career search as a student is the value of a healthy network. Many of the opportunities I’ve been presented with have not been through a standard application process, rather from knowing and maintaining good relationships with a wide variety of professionals.

Any specific advice you would give to current Supply Chain Management students?  I would advise current Supply Chain Management students to maintain an open mindset about their post-graduate careers. A degree in Supply Chain Management opens the door to countless careers and opportunities. From consulting to procurement and everything in between, this degree teaches you how to analyze situations well, discern strengths and opportunities for improvement, and wisely advise on potential recommendations. With confidence in your existing knowledge, and humility to acknowledge we always have more to learn, your possibilities are endless.