Marci (Davis) Clark ’17

Marci Davis

BBA in Supply Chain Management
Minor in Human Resource Development
Certificate in Professional Event Management

Bank of Montreal; Toronto, Ontario, Canada
HR Program Coordinator
June 2015 – August 2015

Deloitte Consulting; Dallas, TX
Summer Scholar – Human Capital, Human Resource Transformation
June 2016 – August 2016

Deloitte Consulting; Dallas, TX
Human Capital Business Analyst
August 2017 – May 2019

Deloitte Consulting; Dallas, TX
HR Transformation – HR Strategy & Excellence Consultant
June 2019 – January 2020

Interstate Batteries; Dallas, TX
Engagement Partner
January 2020 – April 2021

Interstate Batteries; Dallas, TX
Digital Transformation Change Management Partner
April 2021 – August 2021

Southwest Airlines
Strategy Consultant
September 2021 – Present


What extracurricular activities were you involved in at Texas A&M?  Christian Business Leaders (officer); Aggie Supply Chain Professionals (officer)

Did you participate in an internship?  How did the Supply Chain Program prepare you for this position? During my summer, I supported two workstreams, where I was able to understand the breadth of project management and a technology implementation for a client with over 120,000 employees. Specifically, I tracked and summarized the creation of 250 documents to inform client leaders of team performance working alongside a team in India. I facilitated several weekly meetings with project leadership to identify project risks, issues, dependencies and appropriate mitigation techniques. I also led the planning and execution of an information session with nearly 30 attendees to promote community impact on a personal and firm level. I took it upon myself to get involved with an additional firm initiative focused around providing a platform for incoming analysts to connect by coordinating key information critical their success. My experience with Deloitte Consulting widened my understanding of end-to-end project management, interacting with global colleagues, and the intricacies involved with implementing new HR technology systems.

My concentration in Supply Chain Management developed my process-oriented mindset. It also taught me how to assess problems and think through a wide breadth of possible solutions, ultimately implementing the best choice. The continuous group projects represented the reality of the corporate environment, and instilled the skills required to be a valuable team player.

What was your favorite Supply Chain Management course at Texas A&M?  Dr. Koufteros’ Sourcing and Procurement course had both business and personal implications. We learned how to form an opinion and defend it with analysis. I also have a love for shopping, and part of the course instructed us on how to shop – professionally of course.

What do you feel was the most beneficial course you took?  IBUS 489: India Business Environment (Study Abroad) – The course and trip broadened my horizons immensely. I experienced, first-hand, the Indian culture. During this trip we visited with the people, ate where they ate, saw where they worked, and saw where they worshiped. I gained a critical understanding of the strengths and challenges that India faces in their social and corporate cultures. The trip proved to be extremely worthwhile during my internship. I was tasked to work alongside Deloitte Consulting India team-members, and would spend an hour with them each day discussing project implementation efforts. Because of my travels, we could speak about our shared experiences and there was less cultural divide. I was more understanding when the connection dropped because of power outages, or when I struggled to hear what was said due to the auto rickshaws honking in the background. Journeying to India enforced the reality that the business environment is globally minded, and I feel more prepared to embrace the diversity.

Describe your career and what led you to your current position.  Upon enrolling at Texas A&M University, I knew I wanted a degree in business because it promoted the lifestyle I wanted after graduation. After considering other majors, I stumbled upon Supply Chain Management. It appealed to me because I enjoy thinking through the logistics of a process. At the same point in time, I also discovered a passion I had for supporting employees and working towards providing an excellent business environment for those employees. Human Capital Consulting through Deloitte blended these two interests, combining my love for logistics, project management, and Human Resources.

Any specific advice you would give to current Supply Chain Management students?  Through the Supply Chain Management program, you develop the skills to think through a process end-to-end. You are frequently presented with challenges stemming from a variety of sources: the people, the technology, the process, or the finances. Over the course of your degree, you learn how to address and solve all of these issues. Companies, in all industries, find these skills invaluable. Do not be afraid to venture for a career that do not fit in the “Supply Chain Management” mold. You have the skills that are necessary to succeed in many areas, so pursue something you are passionate about.  And, get to know your professors. Supply Chain Management has exceptional faculty members that are committed to helping their students in any way that they can. I am overjoyed to leave Mays knowing I have a few friends in the INFO department.