Application Process

When to Apply

A student planning for change of major to University Studies – Business (USBU) must submit the request online via the Change of Major Requests channel on My Record tab (Howdy portal) by the 20th class day of the SEMESTER BEFORE their desired change of major term.

At the time of request a student must either meet all minimum requirements for USBU change of major or their official Texas A&M academic record must show that they are enrolled in coursework for the current semester (i.e. in-progress) to meet the remaining minimum requirements. For students in the latter category, a decision on their change of major request will be deferred until after final grades have been reported for the in-progress coursework. 

A student requesting change of major to USBU will receive a follow-up email from an academic advisor asking for more information. It is important for the student to closely monitor their TAMU email account, and when replying to correspondence always include their UIN. 

Change of Major Effective*:        Change of Major Request Period:

  • Summer 2021                                          January 7 – February 15, 2021
  • Fall 2021                                                  June 1 – June 28, 2021
  • Spring 2022                                            To Be Announced

Decision Notification:

Requests for change of major to USBU will be reviewed following the close of each request period. Applicants will receive a decision about their request via TAMU email. If accepted, the email will include instructions on how to complete the change of major process and, if needed, how to adjust their registration for the effective change of major term. 

When an applicant is enrolled in coursework to meet minimum requirements (i.e. in-progress) a decision on the request will be deferred until after the reporting of final grades for the in-progress coursework. Students will be notified of their request status within 5 business days after the reporting of final grades. When minimum requirements for change of major are not met, the request will be denied.

Given the oversubscribed status of Mays Business School’s USBU program, approved requests for change of major are generally limited to students who meet all minimum requirements. Students should work with Transition Academic Programs well in advance of the decision notification to form appropriate back-up plans to act on should they not meet the minimum requirements.  

Questions about the request for change of major process should be directed to Ashley Corn, USBU academic advisor.