Total enrollment in this degree is restricted to 200 total students annually, therefore the projected number of admissions for on-campus changes-of-major is 60 students per year. The degree is not offered to incoming freshmen or transfer students.

USBU is not a gateway to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. If you pursue a USBU degree, you will not be allowed to switch to a BBA degree program.

Students Seeking Change-of-Major to USBU


Students Seeking Readmission to USBU

Strict policies govern readmission of former Texas A&M students into this degree program.

  • A former Texas A&M University undergraduate who is no longer enrolled at Texas A&M University and whose last major at Texas A&M was not USBU may be considered for USBU on a space-available basis only.
  • A former Texas A&M University undergraduate who left Texas A&M University in good standing for one or more long semesters and whose last major at Texas A&M was USBU may apply for readmission to USBU. The student must meet all Office of Admissions readmission requirements, including application deadlines and fee payment. If the applicant attempted any college level coursework while away from Texas A&M University, transfer transcripts must be posted to the readmission applicant’s official Texas A&M University transcript and must reflect a minimum transfer GPA of 2.00.