On Campus Recruiting

The Mays Career Management Center connects company representatives with graduate students who have the necessary business knowledge, skills and attributes to contribute to the organization.

Many companies choose to conduct interviews on campus in order to talk to a number of business graduate students about available positions.

  • Interview location: Our center holds company interviews with MBA and MS students in the Mays Career Management Center, which is located in the Mays Business School, Wehner Building, Suite 383.
  • Interview times: Interviews are generally conducted between 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. although earlier or extended hours are available when necessary.
  • Lunch delivery: Our recruiting services staff can assist with placing lunch orders and arranging lunch delivery to company recruiters on the interview date. Please contact us at 979-845-1998 to discuss these details.
  • Other types of transportation: Some recruiters choose to fly to College Station. Learn more about flights, shuttles and rental cars.
  • Lodging: College Station and Bryan have a number of hotels and other types of lodging available to house recruiters during their visit.
  • Restaurants: College Station and Bryan have a number of restaurants that are easily accessible from the Mays Business School.
  • Shipping information: Please use this address when shipping materials or supplies: Mays Graduate Career Management Center, 383 Wehner Building, 4216 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-4216.


Following is a summary of the center’s key recruiting guidelines.

Responding to applicants: The program encourages companies to notify students of their interview status within two weeks of receiving the application packet. Additionally, our program requests that employers communicate the status of each applicant and next steps to the CMC employer relations/recruiting services desk.

Interview schedules: Students’ class schedules vary. Our center appreciates recruiters’ willingness to be flexible in scheduling interview times for students who have class conflicts.

Second interviews: The Career Manager Center requests that employers follow the following guidelines when conducting second-round interviews:

  • Alternative dates: Employers are strongly encouraged to offer the student an alternative interview option without a negative consequence if the employer’s second-round interview schedule conflicts with the student’s academic course schedule.
  • Off-campus interviews: Employers who request off-campus interviews outside of College Station are encouraged to notify students at least three business days in advance so they can make appropriate travel and schedule arrangements. The Full-Time MBA program does not usually schedule classes on Fridays so that students can participate in professional and career development opportunities. The Career Management Center encourages companies to schedule office visits and off-campus interviews on Fridays for Full-Time MBA students.
  • Interview follow-up: The Career Management Center encourages companies to notify students of their status within two weeks of the interview and to allow reasonable time to schedule follow-up interviews. The center strongly encourages on-going communication with the student during the process.

Offers: Our program encourages companies to follow these guidelines when making offer letters to our graduate students:

  • Offer letters: Companies that wish to hire our graduate students must send an offer letter. The beginning of the offer period coincides with the date of the offer letter.
  • Full-time offers: Companies should give second-year MBA students between four weeks and 60 days (recommended) to consider a full-time post-graduation offer. Employers should give MS students at least three weeks to consider an offer.
  • Internship to full-time offers: Our program encourages companies to provide sufficient time without undue pressure for students who completed a summer internship to consider an offer to join the company. Students use this time to evaluate their employment options and make the best decision for all parties concerned.
  • Internship offers: Our office recommends that internship offers should remain open between three weeks and 30 days (recommended).
  • Exploding offers: Our program prohibits exploding offers, which are defined as giving a candidate an unreasonably short period of time to accept an offer before it is revoked. However, we understand that some situations may require a faster response time. If this is the case, please notify the Career Management Center staff of the situation as soon as possible.
  • Reneged offers: We encourage students to immediately release offers that they do not plan to accept. Reneging on a job offer is a serious breach of Mays ethics and the honor code as well as our recruiting guidelines.

Acceptance of employment: We request that employers notify the Career Management Center once a students has accepted an offer.

Student accountability: Our center also has guidelines to ensure accountability from our students when they receive an offer of employment. These standards are:

  • Acceptance in writing: All acceptances of offers must be made in writing and submitted in either hard copy or electronic format.
  • Delayed responses: If a student is taking an unreasonably long period of time to respond to an offer, the employer should contact our office so that we may address the issue with the student.
  • Reneged offers: If a student accepts a written offer of employment and later reneges on the acceptance, please notify the Career Management Center so that we may take appropriate punitive action.
  • Code of Ethics: Students are expected to adhere to the Mays Career Management Center Code of Ethics


For more information, please contact Employer Relations at 979-845-1998 or employerrelations@mays.tamu.edu