Executive Education Faculty

Our faculty set us apart. They are truly the best of the best at Mays Business School and Texas A&M – scholars, teachers and leaders in their fields. Most CED courses are taught by Mays faculty. However, depending on the topic, some classes are taught by experts from across the Texas A&M University system. CED faculty often teach MBA and Executive MBA courses, so they are accustomed to designing content for a mature executive audience. They are expert teachers and subject area specialists, highly respected in their fields. Together, they offer the best leadership training programs. Also, CED participants learn from each other as the classroom is designed to be dynamic by fostering relationship growth and teamwork.

The methods used by our faculty add to content creation, as participants introduce real-time developments from within their companies and world of business. Faculty members can provide insight into the latest research. These elements combine to create a rich source of valuable information.

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