European Union Business Certificate

To meet the challenges of increased business globalization, Mays Business School offers a European Union Business Certificate (EUB). The program offers Mays students seeking a B.B.A. (accounting, business honors, finance, management, management information systems, marketing and supply chain management) degree the opportunity to gain a better understanding of European business by studying its history, politics and business models.

The EUB requires 21 credit hours for completion. These courses can be integrated as part of your regular business curriculum. You are encouraged to plan early and often to facilitate integration of certificate requirements within the regular undergraduate program.

Aside from taking the necessary international business courses, earning the EUB certificate requires a European Union international experience. You will also be required to demonstrate your ability to conduct business transactions in a European language (other than English).


  • International business courses: 12 hours (courses may be taken on-campus, abroad, or a combination)
  • European Union area studies: 9 hours (courses that focus on the history, culture, politics, and economic policies of European nation-states)
  • European Union experience: 1-month minimum (study, exchange, internship, or volunteer experience in the European Union)
  • Foreign language proficiency: Students must complete a 10-15 minute discussion about business in the European Union with a Mays faculty member in their desired EU language. Contact CIBS to schedule this requirement.
  • Final submission form: Submit the final submission form to at least three (3) months before graduation.


  1. Plan ahead: You can get started as early as your freshman year. Visit with your academic advisor and schedule an appointment with the Center for International Business Studies.
  2. Register carefully: It is important for you to schedule the appropriate classes. You are responsible for completing the required courses and international experience. Need help? Check with your academic adviser.
  3. Apply: Apply for the certificate through the CIBS website a year before your graduating semester, even if you have not yet completed all requirements (i.e., if you expect to graduate in May 2024, apply for the certificate in May 2023). This ensures that the certificate program is applied to your degree plan.
  4. Complete ALL requirements: You must complete all certificate program requirements before graduation. CIBS will review your application and confirm completing the certificate requirements during your graduating semester.
  5. Log in to Howdy: When you apply for graduation in the Howdy portal at the beginning of your graduating semester, be sure to apply for graduation in both your BBA (this is your primary degree, in FINC, SCMT, etc.) and for the Certificate in European Union Business, which will be listed separately as a “secondary curriculum.” This step ensures the certificate is reviewed by degree audit and delivered with your diploma at graduation.