According to Forbes, 93% of employers agree that relevant internship experience is the most important qualification for hiring someone.

Why pursue an international internship? A Global HR News study found that 73% of respondents cited study abroad as important when evaluating the resume of a job candidate for a junior-level position. Another survey found that one out of every two companies would choose a candidate with international experience over another otherwise equally-qualified candidate.

International internships enable students to:

  • Gain deeper cultural immersion
  • Develop cross-cultural communication skills
  • Experience working with professionals in an international environment
  • Participate in intensive practical language training
  • Apply lessons learned in the classroom outside the U.S.
  • Gain valuable international work experience

Earn credit for international internships:

  • Business students may receive credit for internships lasting 6 weeks or longer
  • Undergraduate students can register for 1 – 4 hours of IBUS 484 with submission of the IBUS 484 Internship Course Form
  • Graduate students can register for 1 – 6 hours of BUAD 684 with prior approval from their department head
  • Students accepted for IBUS 484 or BUAD 684 credit for an international internship are also eligible for the CIBS Global Programs Scholarship

International internship opportunities include:

*Students must complete an application in the TAMU Education Abroad Portal for their chosen program prior to applying to the affiliate provider.