Russian Business Cases


GroupThe Center for Russian Case Studies, supported by a grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Eurasia Foundation in Washington, D.C., trained St. Petersburg State University faculty in case study development and also produced six new Russian business cases. These cases were based on firms of different sizes and from different business sectors of Russia’s economy, and was led by teams of American and Russian professors. The Russian version of these cases are installed on SPSU’s School of Management web site for easy access via the Internet both nationally and globally. The English version of the cases is being made available commercially. We envision this Center to become Russia’s premier business case study institute, which will:

  1. initiate the development of new Russian business cases each year,
  2. hold national conferences that would outline the merits of case study, and provide guidance and skills needed for producing new cases, and
  3. be an archive for all business cases developed on Russia.

Russian Case Studies

Executive Summary Russian English
Table of Contents Russian English
Bankruptcy in Russia Russian English
Industry & Construction Bank in St. Petersburg Case Russian English
Ogo Case Russian English
Otis Russia Case Russian English
PeterStar Case Russian English
Vinchel Contemplates Market Expansion Case Russian English

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The University

St. Petersburg State University (SPbGU), founded in 1724, is the oldest university in Russia. Founded by Peter the Great, SPbGU continues to serve as one of the largest academic and cultural centers in Russia with a current enrollment of 20,000. Tradition in the sciences is very rich and gained much of its beginnings with the work of D. Mendeleev and A. Popov. In the arts, graduates include I. Turgenev, A. Blok, M. Glinka, I. Stravinsky and A. Glazunov. Seven Nobel Prize winners can be counted among the graduates and professors of St. Petersburg State University.

The main campus of SPGU is located along the Neva River, across from and within walking distance of the Hermitage and Nevsky Prospekt. This central location encourages students to enjoy the history and culture of St. Petersburg.

Peter the Great’s ukase (edict) regarding the foundation of a university in St. Petersburg was approved by the Senate of the Russian Empire on 28 January 1724. A characteristic feature of this, Russia’s first, institution of higher education was its organic link with the other two constituents of St. Petersburg’s scholastic trinity: the Academy of Sciences and the Grammar School. Text taken from SPSU Web Site. Read more about university background at XVIIIth Century History.