Faculty Advisory Council

To better incorporate faculty expertise into our student and industry programs, the Center for Retailing Studies established a Faculty Council. This advisory group exists to exchange ideas, review current and new projects and assist the center in achieving its strategic goals.

We thank them for their contribution to retailing education.

Faculty Advisory Council Members:

Dr. Leonard L. Berry University Distinguished Professor of Marketing
Regents Professor, M.B. Zale Chair in Retailing and Marketing Leadership
Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence
Cheryl Holland Bridges Former Director, Center for Retailing Studies
Executive Professor
Dr. Venkatesh Shankar Director of Research, Center for Retailing Studies
Coleman Chair Professor in Marketing
Dr. Stephen W. McDaniel Masters Advisor
Professor of Marketing
Dr. Manjit Yadav Professor of Marketing
Macy’s Foundation Professor
Dr. Mary Zimmer Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing