Retailing Curriculum

Housed within Mays Business School’s Department of Marketing, the Strategic Retailing track curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for leadership roles in a retailing enterprise, with particular focus on retail buying and merchandising, marketing, inventory management, demand planning, strategic planning and omnichannel strategy.

Courses include:

MKTG 325
Services Marketing & Retailing Concepts
Study of how service organizations, including retailers, require a distinctive approach to marketing strategy in development and execution; e.g. banks, schools, hospitals, hotels, professional services and transportation companies; specifically applies marketing concepts in service industry setting; opportunities to meet industry thought leaders in retailing and other service industries.

MKTG 326
Innovations in Retailing
Retail strategies such as channels of distribution, private labels, customer service levels, visual presentation, pricing, and marketing mix that influence a retail business model.

MKTG 425
Retail Merchandising
Theories, concepts and practices relating to the merchandising of products for enhancing sales and profit growth of retail businesses; emphasis on retail math, purchasing decisions, vendor negotiations, communications skills, assortment planning and competitive analysis.

MKTG 426
Advanced Retail Laboratory
Problems and opportunities faced by retailing organizations; development of an effective strategy through application-oriented seminars and activities, interaction with industry guest speakers and executives; analysis of retail strategies in field settings and completion of a semester long retail audit; participation in a national case competition.