Corporate, Faculty, and Student Partners

Corporate Advisory Board

CMIS is proud to work with corporate partners from a wide range of industries, including accounting, energy, financial services, information technology, manufacturing and transportation. We strive to provide these partners with a competitive advantage through their participation in our activities.  Current CMIS Board member partners are listed on our Corporate Advisory Board page.

Faculty Advisory Board

Dr. Aaron Becker, Dr. David Gomillion, Dr. Greg Heim, Dr. ‘Jon Jasperson,  Ms. Robin Starnes

Student Advisory Board:

Bianca Correa, Bobby Boone, Carlos Garcia, Farrukh Botirzoda, Gavin Wong, Jessica Amores, Jessica Klohn, Jessie Crance, Kara Lyons, Kathryn Oefinger, Kayla Barden, Matthew Kantenberger,, Parker Laing, Skylar Beaumont, Vishakha Sangani