CMIS Summer Workshop

2021 CMIS Summer Workshop

The 2021 CMIS Summer Workshop will be held on August 25 – 26, 2021. On Thursday, the students will participate in team building, major-specific and career building presentations, and other fun activities. Speakers will be Angela O’Neill from Google, Randi Mays-Knapp, and other IT professionals. A networking reception will be held that evening from 4:45 – 6:30 p.m. at the TAMU Recreation Center.

On Friday, the 26th, students will participate in team-building activities at the local ChallengeWorks course.

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2020 CMIS Summer Workshop

The 2020 CMIS Summer Workshop was held on August 17, 2020, with a virtual Zoom meeting. This is a wonderful event for MIS undergraduates to learn more about the MIS major and career opportunities. In addition, student participants experience team-building activities, business and employment search etiquette tips, and the opportunity to network with corporate representatives who are in attendance. Technical speakers included Damian Torres from Shell, Kurt King from Opportune, and Kristin Janik from Charles Schwab. Randi Mays-Knapp gave an informative and fun presentation titled “Career Fair Connections.” The day’s activities was topped off with a networking reception via Zoom.


2019 CMIS Summer Workshop

The 2019 CMIS Summer Workshop was  held on August 20-21, 2019, at the Texas A&M Recreation Center. This annual event for MIS Undergraduates featured team building, workshops, and speakers.

The first event was a mystery game time at The Escape Room. Attendees had fun playing games and having snacks before tackling the mystery rooms. Two groups solved the mystery and got out of the room while two groups did not. All had lots of fun!

The second day included a formalized meeting in the Rec Center. Four current students discussed their summer internships and gave advice to the attendees. After the student panel discussion, three corporate speakers talked about the various career fields within their companies, their own career paths, upcoming technologies, and personal and professional branding.  Those speakers included Kaleigh West from Conoco Phillips, Matt Kerr from Valero, and Chip Schneider from Grant Thornton.

Randi Mays-Knapp gave an interesting presentation about “Conquering the Career Fair.” She led a practice time for students to practice introductions and initial discussions with a potential recruiter. She encouraged students to know what they want for a career field and be prepared to talk with recruiters about their specific skills and interests.

A networking reception and dessert social followed with students having the ability to  network with 22 corporate members from 13 different CMIS Board member companies.


This event was formerly called Leadership Retreat.