Certificate in Business

Mays Business School offers a Certificate in Business to non-business graduate students at Texas A&M University. This certificate provides a general overview of the four major functional areas of business through a set of courses designed for non-business students.


To complete the Certificate in Business, students must successfully complete the following four courses (12 credit hours). These courses do not have a business course prerequisites:

  • Accounting 640
  • Finance 635
  • Management 655
  • Marketing 621

If you have completed the undergraduate versions of any or all of these courses (business minor courses), then you must use a substitute for the course(s). The recommended substitutions are:

ACCT 640 No substitutes currently offered
FINC 635 FINC 629, 632, 642, 645
MGMT 655 MGMT 630
MKTG 621 MKTG 650, 656

NOTE: Students beginning coursework for the certificate in or after the fall 2003 semester are required to earn a cumulative grade point of 3.0 or better in these courses

Completing the certificate

In some cases, graduate programs have additional requirements for completing the Certificate in Business. For example, the Certificate in International Petroleum Management requires the above business courses as well as two or three elective courses.

When you have successfully completed the required courses, notify the Mays Master’s Program at mbaprograms@mays.tamu.edu and a certificate will be issued. In your request, please provide your UIN and how you would like the certificate issued (i.e. pickup, mail).