Appointment Expectations

What We Expect of Ourselves

  • The Comm Lab will honor appointments as scheduled. In the case of emergency, we will reschedule to the earliest convenience of the client.
  • The Comm Lab will respect client privacy in accordance with FERPA regulations.
  • The Comm Lab adheres to the Aggie Code of Honor.
  • Consultants respect author ownership.  This means they will work with clients but not do the work for clients.
  • Consultants will not overstate their expertise in subject-matter areas and will refer the client back to professors and TAs when necessary.


What We Expect of Our Clients

  • Clients must be Mays Business School students (BBA, USBU, AgBusiness, MS, MBA, EMBA, and PMBA program candidates are welcome).
  • Clients will arrive for appointments as scheduled. Running late but on your way? Call us at 979-862-2983. See No-Show and Late Cancellation Policy.
  • All work clients bring to the Comm Lab must be their own work.
  • For group projects, at least half of the group members should plan to participate in the consultation.  Only one person needs to schedule the appointment.
  • Clients should come ready to work with a consultant and not expect the consultant to do the work for them.
  • Clients will take responsibility for understanding the subject material and recognize that Comm Lab consultants are not course tutors.