Meet the Team


Alyssa Dan, Chief of Staff

Alyssa is a senior Business Honors and Finance major from Austin, Texas, and has been involved in SUMMIT since the 2015 conference. She is currently a member of Mays Business Student Council, previously served in PREP, and will forever be a part of Business Fellows Group XXXV. Alyssa is passionate about the development of leadership in herself and others.



Griffin Hedric, Selections Coordinator

Griffin Hedrick is a senior Accounting major in the PPA Finance track and has been involved with SUMMIT since her sophomore year, the 2015 conference. She is currently a Business Communication/Portfolio Consultant at the Mays Communication Lab, and is interning in advisory with a Big 4 accounting firm in Austin next summer. Griffin’s favorite pastimes include travelling, creating art, playing with animals, and music festivals. Her dream is to one day leave corporate America and become a full-time artist.



Shelby Viereck, Materials Coordinator

Shelby is a junior Marketing major, and attended the SUMMIT 2017 Conference. She plans to go into sales and/or nonprofits after graduation. Since her experience as a delegate at SUMMIT, she’s realized the vital role it played in her continuous personal growth today. Shelby is involved in Impact as well as her church, Grace Southwood. Her hobbies include travelling, kayaking, and getting to genuinely invest in people.



Gregory Wiatrek, Speaker Liaison

Gregory is a junior MIS major from Katy, Texas, and attended the 2016 SUMMIT Conference. In addition to serving as Speaker Liaison for SUMMIT, Gregory is a Student Representative for the Class of 2019, a Business Communication Consultant at Mays’ Communication Lab, and a Peer Leader for Freshman Business Initiative. In his spare time, he loves reading, writing stories, talking with friends/family, and journaling.



Ricky Dillard Jr., Communications Coordinator

Ricky is a junior Accounting major from Dallas, Texas, and attended the SUMMIT 2016 Conference. He is currently serving SUMMIT for the second consecutive year as Communications Coordinator, works as a Community Assistant at Park West Apartments, and works in the office of Undergraduate Special Programs at Mays Business School. Ricky has completed two internships with KPMG in Audit and Advisory practices. He strives to be a positive difference/example to his peers, and values faith and family.



Joseph Bionat, Logistics Coordinator

Joseph is a senior MIS major from Houston, Texas, and attended the SUMMIT 2016 Conference. He is currently Logistics Coordinator for SUMMIT, and a member of Mays Business Student Council. Joseph enjoys playing with his dog, golfing, hiking, and any sport!



Maddie Jones, Facilitator Liaison

Maddie is a junior Accounting major from Magnolia, Texas, and attended the SUMMIT 2016 Conference. Although this is her second year serving as an executive for SUMMIT, she acts as a peer leader to freshman students under the Freshman Business Initiative (FBI), and actively participates in Mays’ Women’s Bible Study. Maddie has a passion for travel and in her free time enjoys reading, being active, and hanging out with her loved ones.



Jeana Guillory, Conference Director

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