To request an in-class workshop, email us at

Whether your students would benefit from strengthening a general area of communication skills or there is a certain part of your curriculum directly connected to communication topics, you may invite the Comm Lab into your classroom to conduct a workshop. We can also simply pop in for a brief 5-minute introduction of the Comm Lab as a resource, which can greatly benefit students for the entire semester.

Ready-to-go Workshop topics:

  • Introducing the Comm Lab as a student resource (5-15 min)
  • Why Communication Matters in Business (30-45 min)
  • Effective Writing Basics (45 min)
  • Revision Strategies (45 min)
  • How to Practice your Presentation (15 min)
  • What’s the Loudder Medal of Excellence? (15 min)
  • Building a Bullet for your Resume (30-45 min)
  • Reflective Writing for a Business Audience (45 min)
  • The STAR Method: Preparing for Behavioral Interviews (30-45 min)

You can also let us know what would be most helpful to your class, and we can customize a workshop tailored to your needs.  Use the following general topics to start brainstorming the possibilities, and make a suggestion! We are happy to work with you.

General topics for Custom workshops:

    • Writing & editing tools and tips
    • Reflection frameworks
    • Online portfolios
    • Personal brand
    • Strengths assessments
    • Critical thinking
    • Cross-cultural communication
    • Core competencies
    • Behavioral interviews
    • Individual or team presentations
    • Business-specific formats such as memos, business format emails, executive summaries
    • LinkedIn
    • Resumes
    • Cover Letters