Congratulations to our Spring 2023 Case Competition Winners!

ISTM 410

1st Place: ZARAA Group

2nd Place: The Firm


ISTM 320

1st Place: W.D.T.A Consulting

2nd Place: Project Team 6


The Council for the Management of Information Systems (CMIS) unifies students, faculty, and industry members under the banner of research and educational enhancement.

Fall 2023

August 25       Summer Workshop

September 7    Speed Networking and Mixer

September 8   MIS Career Fair

October 19       MIS Career Night

October 26      CMIS Board Meeting/Case Competition

October 27      CMIS Case Competition


The CMIS facilitates mutually beneficial partnerships with corporate members in an effort to provide educational opportunities, research support, and corporate access to students.

The CMIS engages an active corporate membership program that advances its objectives through coordination, participation, and sponsorship. The CMIS seeks to provide members with competitive advantages in their own interests through choice partnerships.


We recognize the value in corporate partnerships and understands the critical role they play in the sustained growth of our students. Towards this end, we formed the CMIS Advisory Board, with constituents dedicated to providing guidance to the center and the MIS curriculum.

Corporate advisory board membership offers exclusive opportunities to interact with current MIS and MS-MIS students. The program operates under a 3- tiered membership model: Exabyte, Petabyte, and Terabyte. Each level comes with its own unique combination of benefits. This model allows members to contribute to the program at a level that bests suits their interests.

Membership benefits include direct influence of educational programming and research endeavors, networking opportunities, priority access to student competitions, and more.

The CMIS Advisory Board networks with students and faculty during the annual programs offered year-round.

If you are interested in speaking to an MIS student class, please contact us at cmis@mays.tamu.edu.


CMIS provides a number of engagement opportunities, such as conferences, competitions, and receptions, for students to connect with corporate members.


Dr. David Gomillion
Wehner 330B
(979) 845-1748

Dr. Dwayne Whitten
Wehner 315
(979) 845-0811

Events Coordinator:
Melanie Provines
Wehner 330
(979) 845-1618

Mays Business School
Wehner 330
(979) 845-1618

For academic or admissions information on Management Information Systems (MISY) and Supply Chain Management (SCMT) programs, please email the Student Services office at INFOStudentservices@mays.tamu.edu or visit Wehner 315.