Student Organizations

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

In 2019, AITP reestablished itself as an undergraduate student organization to support undergraduate Management Information Systems majors. The organization’s goal is to familiarize students about various areas, careers, and career paths within the information technology field. Another educational component is exposing students to various technologies. The educational component  is accomplished through having numerous industry speakers at evening meetings. The organization provides networking opportunities for students through these meetings and other networking events. AITP also seeks to provide support to students with various social events.

Business Information Technology Students (BITS)

BITS is primarily a graduate student organization that was formed in 2014. The organization is designed to bring together undergraduate and graduate students in Management Information Systems and provide them with a forum to interact with industry representatives. The purpose of these interactions is to supplement the students’ education, to provide them with opportunities to network with both their peers and members of industry, and to assist them in their career development.