The Council for the Management of Information Systems supports a number of programs where students can interact with members of the corporate advisory board in formal and informal settings.

Local Summer Networking Events:

Austin   &  Houston

Case Competition

The case competition is an educational program offering Texas A&M students an opportunity to sharpen their analytical, presentation and teamwork skills. The competition also serves as an excellent forum for board members to interact with students in an academic setting. This event is held in both the fall and spring semesters.

CMIS Summer Workshop

Formerly known as the leadership retreat, CMIS Summer Workshop is a two-day activity in August for undergraduate students. Participants attend guest speaker presentations about various leadership related topics, participate in small and large group team building activities and get to know fellow students on a more personal basis. Representatives from board member companies are invited to a dinner and ice cream social for a chance to meet new students.

Speed Networking and MIS Mixer

The speed networking activity gives honor students an opportunity to meet one-on-one with representatives from board member companies for a seven-minute networking session. They then rotate until they meet with every company. Following the speed networking event, all MIS students are invited to attend a mixer for an opportunity to network with company representatives. These events occur only in the fall semester.

MIS Career Fair

The MIS Career Fair provides an opportunity for professionals from the CMIS corporate member companies to meet with our undergraduate MIS students in a small and relaxed environment. This event is held in the fall semester only since that is the primary recruiting time period.

MIS Career Night

The MIS Information Session and Career Night answers questions and myths about the major, courses, and the abundance of careers available to our graduates. Presentations about CMIS, Student Services, and ISTM courses are shared with attendees. A keynote speaker, usually a CIO or leader in the information systems field, will talk about their experiences and the growth of the industry. Recent TAMU MIS graduates and current seniors participate in a panel discussion about their careers and internships and what is it like to work in the MIS field.

Leadership in Technology Conference

1st Annual Leadership in Technology Conference will be held, Friday, February 23, 2024! More details to follow!