Women in Technology Conference


Registration is now live for the CMIS Women in Technology Conference! This is open to everyone! You can register via the QR code found below or the following link: tx.ag/poI23cK. We look forward to seeing you there!



The 23rd Annual Women in Technology Conference was held on Friday, February 18, 2022, in a hybrid format.

Three executive and senior-level speakers presented. In addition, roundtable or breakout room discussions along with fun activities and door prizes helped foster great conversations and fun! The speakers were as follows:

Angela O’Neill – Enterprise Account Executive, Google

Angie O’Neill discussed her many employment opportunities in her 25-year career. Opportunities are great to have;  remember that you are enough! As an MIS student or professional, you have the knowledge and skills to do what is needed. Things will work our for you even though your career may not look how you wanted it to be in the beginning. Angie stressed the following five areas where women can succeed:

  • Bosses – make them look good so you can look good
  • Coachability
  • Contagious attitude – be positive, create solutions
  • Solving problems – be a master problem-solver, creating solutions leads to leadership
  • Brand management – be a consistent high-performer, take the high road in conflict

Angie closed with a profound statement. There are two types of women:

    • One who thinks there is only one seat at the table for women
    • One who encourages other women to be at that table

Sonia Arista – Senior Vice-President and Chief Information Security Officer, Signify Health

Sonia Arista stressed the importance of maintaining your network for professional success. LinkedIn.com is a great tool for building your network. Having a good visual presentation is important in building your brand. She recommended always looking for growth opportunities, but also being aware of your limitations and allowing yourself to reset your goals. Life and work are a marathon, not a sprint.

Michelle Schaefer – Law and Digital Marketing IT Manager, ExxonMobil

Michelle Schaefer discussed lessons she has learned in her 18 years with ExxonMobil. Information technology is important to all business throughout the world because of the connections needed to conduct business in our global economy. Numbers and details have to be correct at all levels in business. Michelle advised to never stop learning, become friends with your manager so you can be aware of and take opportunities. Show initiative in taking opportunities, stay humble, learn from your team, and learn to navigate change.


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Anu Krishnan