Energy Accounting Certificate (EAC)

Students at Texas A&M University have a great opportunity to explore an interest in the dynamic industry we refer to as Energy. A financial professional entering energy company will be exposed not only to a unique form of accounting and financial analysis, but will also participate with other disciplines like engineering and geoscience and maybe even chemistry.

The Energy Accounting Certification Program (EAC) offers coursework and experiences to prepare students for this potential path. Students in the program feel that the highlight of their experience is being introduced to the terminology and industry specific cycles occurring in Energy.

The coursework which provides high-impact experiences case study competitions, mentoring opportunities with professionals, trips, and invitations to attend program-only networking events. Scholarships are also available to energy accounting program students.

Students must apply and be accepted to program to begin the coursework. Depending on your undergraduate major, coursework will be a mix of general electives and courses within your major. Even if you are not sure if the career path is for you, the program’s coursework is designed to be practical and high-impact. It will improve your critical thinking,  analytics, and expose you to regulations and SEC guidance that is unique to oil and gas. All of these attributes are valuable no matter where/what your first position might be after graduation.


Course Number Course Title Credit hours
ACCT 328 Financial Report II 3
ACCT 403/603 Energy Accounting 3
BUSN 481 Seminar In Energy 1
XXXX 484 Internship 0-3
Program-Approved Elective Varies 3-6
Total credit hours: 15


The Energy Accounting Certification has allowed me to better understand the accounting and finance implications of oil and gas activities. Not only have I had the opportunity to learn about the specific accounting procedures related to these activities, but I have been able to understand the non-accounting/finance side of the industry, discuss and analyze current events, and hear professionals from a variety of business backgrounds and their perspective on the oil and gas industry.

Sarah Hobbs

EAC Student


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