Internal Audit Certificate Curriculum


At graduation, students will receive a certificate which is recognized by the Institute of Internal Auditors(IIA) Internal Auditing Education Partnership program. To meet the requirements of the certificate, students must earn a grade of “C” or better in the required 15 credit hours of coursework. For Accounting and Finance students considering the CPA exam, the accounting courses in the program count towards the required hours of obtaining CPA eligibility.

Course Number Course Title Credit hours
ACCT 427 Accounting Information Systems 3
ACCT 408 Internal Audit 3
ACCT 450 Accounting Ethics 3
XXXX 484 Internship 0-3
Program-Approved Elective Varies 3-6
Total credit hours: 15


An internship experience is required. Internships could be traditional, full-time work during a summer semester or significant part-time work during a spring or fall semester while completing coursework.  Students ideally would complete their internship the summer after their junior year, but the timing can be flexible. Program students are given exclusive opportunities to recruit with advisory board companies for paid internships. Students can choose to:

  • Complete the internship experience which is marked on their transcript as 3 credit-hour course (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) under their major’s prefix (ACCT, ISTM, etc), or
  • Complete the internship experience which is marked on their transcript as 0 credit-hour course (satisfactory/unsatisfactory). In this case, students would need 6 credit-hours of approved electives in order to meet the certificate requirement of 15 credit hours. Students typically choose this option for financial aid/tuition reasons.

Program-Approved Elective

Students choose to take an elective in a personal interest area that aligns with the learning objectives of the program, such as an emphasis on data analytics or IT auditing. Courses will continue to be reviewed for alignment with program objectives and new courses may be added to this list.

Course Number Course Title
ACCT 410 Fraud Investigation
ACCT 648 Advanced Accounting Information Systems
ACCT 644 Control and Audit of Information Systems
ACCT 629 Controls and Audit Technology
ISTM 315 Database Programming
ISTM 320 Business Systems Analysis and Design
ISTM 455 Cybersecurity Management
SCMT 345 Business Process Design
SCMT 455 Cybersecurity Management
FINC 361 Managerial Finance I
FINC 449 Financial Modeling
FINC 447 Financial Statement Analysis
MKTG 323 Marketing Research
MKTG 431 Marketing Analytics
MGMT 372 Advanced Concepts in Organizational Behavior
MGMT 422 Management Consulting
MGMT 475 Leadership Development

The program also has an appeals process where students can request approval for a separate course from this list to count towards the certificate elective. Please speak with a Program Director with any questions about how to start this process.

This list will be reviewed by the Internal Audit Program’s advisory board every two years to ensure it continues to be relevant to the profession and to potentially add new courses to this list. It was last reviewed and approved in 2019.