Petroleum Ventures Certificate – Application

Spring 2018 Informational Schedule!

 Spring, 2018 Application for Finance Majors – General Instructions

**You will need to create an account before you begin the application (take note of your PIN), then select “Start Application” and specify that you are applying to the Petroleum Ventures Program from the drop down list in the Personal Information section.

If you have trouble with the application process, please email Taylor Collins at or John Musolf at

Part A: Open-ended Response (LIMIT this submission to 1 page or less)

  • Briefly describe (in a perfect world) your five-year or ten-year career goals. Explain how you envision the PVP Certificate will help you achieve those goals (versus how you would attain your goals if you were not in the program).

Part B: Degree Plan

  • Submit a degree plan including the additional courses required to complete your PVP Certificate.

Part C: Resume

  • Submit an up-to-date resume including cumulative GPA and Finance GPA. (By submitting this, applicant agrees to release it for consideration by members of the PVP Board).

Part D: Transcript

  • Submit an up-to-date copy of Texas A&M transcript. (This can be a copy of unofficial transcript found in Howdy.)