Quantitative Finance and Research Program

The Quantitative Finance Program (QFR) is designed to help students in the program to be equipped with quantitative and research skills necessary for applying to PhD programs in Finance or Economics.

The skill sets are also highly valuable for the quantitative fields in private sectors, such as hedge funds, quant-based private equity funds as well as most of investment banks.

Top-tier PhD programs in finance, including our own Mays Business PhD program, consistently place students to research institutions and highly respected private finance institutions. Our previous placements for the last decade include in no particular order: Arizona, Penn (Wharton), Georgia, Kansas, Bentley, Baylor, Georgia Tech, Louisiana State, Black Rock, JP Morgan, Tulane, Bank of America, Nanyang Tech, Hong Kong Polytech, Beijing.

Admission is by application only; incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Application Instructions for QFR

The deadline for QFR Class One is listed below. They are due by 11:59 PM CST. Applications received after the deadline will be NOT be considered.

QFR Class One (Class of 2022/2023) applications are due October 28, 2019, 11:59 PM CST.

Interested applicants should schedule an appointment with Lauren Welford, lwelford@mays.tamu.edu

Once students have met with Ms. Welford, they are eligible to apply.