Full MGMT Courses/Wait Listing

Full MGMT Courses/Wait Listing
Summer/Fall 2023

Updated March 28, 2023

Eligible Courses

MGMT courses only. Wait listing is not available for honors sections.

Alternatives to Wait Listing – RECOMMENDED

Requesting inclusion on a wait list for a full course does not guarantee placement in the course. The best way to potentially enroll in a full course is by watching the registration system. Students are frequently adding and dropping courses through the first week of classes. Registration system availability is posted in Howdy and here.

Who is Eligible

The management department considers wait list enrollment a privilege based on need. Example: If a specific MGMT course is required for you to graduate in the semester you are requesting wait list enrollment (need), you can be enrolled in the course, but not necessarily a specific section (preference). Need also means requests are generally considered for degree candidates only. Review force request priority/review order here.

Wait List Review Dates

Accepted Reviewed/Processed
First Round Summer 1 & 2 / Fall April 21 to May 3 May 4
Second Round Summer 1 May 4 to May 25 Business days through May 26
Summer 2 May 4 to July 3 Business days through July 5
Fall May 4 to August 10 Business days through August 11

How to Request Inclusion on a Wait List

Summer and fall online wait list request forms will be available below beginning at 8 AM on April 21, 2023.

Fall 2023 Form

Summer 2023 Form

Access using current version of Google Chrome, logging in with your TAMU NetID credentials.

**Read the Fine Print on the MGMT Force Request Policy**